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Improving the quality of delivering educational & clinical services to persons with

autism spectrum disorder (ASD).



Improve Patient Outcomes

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The innovative Telecubes platform developed by our company offers a multitude of transformative benefits that markedly enhance therapeutic and educational interventions for persons with special needs across multiple education settings like schools, clinics, and homebound. 


The integration of Telecubes audio-visual data with insights from a multidisciplinary team will culminate in the creation of a virtual health assistant designed to provide direct support to caregivers. 

Below we outline key advantages that distinguish our platform as an essential tool for improving the quality of life for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other disorders, thereby empowering educators, clinicians, and families in their collaborative efforts to support individual development. ​​

  • Enhances data collection by seamlessly integrating synchronous and asynchronous video and audio capture technologies with data analysis.

  • Streamlines time-intensive data analysis by enhancing the educational ecosystem and fostering collaboration among educational specialists, who can address complex challenges more efficiently using audio-visual evidence in conjunction with written reports. 

  • Significantly reduces geographical barriers by decreasing the necessity for travel and the amount of administrative time required by educational specialists. 

  • Mitigates the "observer effect" by enabling discreet, continuous observation and feedback, thereby improving the consistency of treatments. 

  • Enables clinical supervisors to swiftly and effectively train staff through real-time supervision or video reviews, guaranteeing high-fidelity interventions and consistent evaluations. 




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"Telecubes technology changes the way supervision is implemented with our direct staff members.

Recording and tagging system allows for feedback to be provided when it matters, increasing efficiency of supervision, and therefore, increasing the child's learning gains.

The technology also allows the staff to access it as a training tool. In a field where feedback and training of our staff are essential, and higher-level practitioners are scarce, Telecubes allows us to outsource BCBA's to assist in supervision which allows more families to access therapies needed. 

In addition, families enjoy having access and being part of their child's learning through the recorded sessions." Software

Zaida Torres, COO, M.Ed., BCBA​
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Suray Lima, BCBA​

"My experience with Telecubes has surpassed my expectations for several reasons. It has helped me to remotely supervise our staff and provide immediate feedback of their direct implementation. 

It has facilitated collaboration and communication between families, staff, and our behavior team.

The tagging feature has been used to refer the staff to a specific time of the session and provide feedback by directly observing antecedent, behavior, and consequences.

Recording material has been essential to maximize time providing quality training to staff and caregivers."​Soft


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Maximize student performance and track progress; increase collaboration and effective communication between BCBA, teachers and related service providers; train staff and more...

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How it works

Improve patient outcomes; maximize BCBA caseloads; train and supervise behavior technicians; increase revenue; track ABA billable hours, and more...


Education Settings

Telecubes offers a solution. 


Maximize student performance and track progress; increase collaboration and effective communication; train your faculty, and more...

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Improve patient outcomes; maximize caseloads; supervise technicians; increase revenue; track billable hours, and more...

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Increase parent training outcomes; integrate essential living skills and monitor progress; supervise technicians without the commute.

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Educatoal Settings
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