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Improving children's academic and behavioral outcomes at home, schools, and clinics.

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Telecubes technology changes the way supervision is implemented with our direct staff members. Recording and tagging system allows for feedback to be provided when it matters, increasing efficiency of supervision, and therefore, increasing the child's learning gains. The technology also allows the staff to access it as a training tool. In a field where feedback and training of our staff are essential, and higher-level practitioners are scarce, Telecubes allows us to outsource BCBA's to assist in supervision which allows more families to access therapies needed.  In addition, families enjoy having access and being part of their child's learning through the recorded sessions. Software

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Improved Patient Outcomes

ABA services are in high demand and the shortage of BCBA's is a nationally recognized problem. Telecubes offers a solution. 

Telecubes is a virtual platform created to improve ABA services focused on maximizing BCBA time, which directly impacts patient outcomes. The platform allows for targeted supervision, collaboration among other professionals, and improved staff performance through training.  

The quality of care improves dramatically because the real time data informs the BCBA of any irregularities that need to be addressed immediately. The BCBA can provide behavior modification strategies that can help a child through a very difficult time in less than 24 hours. 

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Telecubes was first designed to meet the needs of a school that served children on the autism

spectrum.  The technology allows the school to integrate Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as part of their educational program. ​

Prior to COVID-19, the software allowed the school to offer ABA services with a virtual Behavior Analyst in classrooms; and during the pandemic, the school was able to pivot and provide remote services supporting students and their families at homes.  Parents are now being trained virtually and have the support of specialists no matter if the child’s services are at home, in school or both. 


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Maximize student performance and track progress; increase collaboration and effective communication between BCBA, teachers and related service providers; train staff and more...

How it works

Improve patient outcomes; maximize BCBA caseloads; train and supervise behavior technicians; increase revenue; track ABA billable hours, and more...

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Telecubes offers a solution. 


Maximize student performance and track progress; increase collaboration and effective communication; train your faculty, and more...

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Improve patient outcomes; maximize caseloads; supervise technicians; increase revenue; track billable hours, and more...

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Increase parent training outcomes; integrate essential living skills and monitor progress; supervise technicians without the commute.

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The Team

Gabriel Marcano, Telecubes CEO

Gabriel Marcano

C0-Founder & CEO

Rafael Cruz, Telecubes Web App Developer

Rafael Cruz

Web App Developer

Marios Marketos, Telecubes Video Streaming & Network Engineer

Marios Marketos

Video Streaming & Network Engineer

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