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Clinics can double their clients
without increasing staff.


With our technology BCBA supervision of behavior technicians is targeted, and therefore treatment is more effective.  The number one goal is to increase value and have better patient outcomes, and we can help clinicians be more productive and efficient.


We provide a secure software platform that allows for non-invasive supervision and enhanced training at a reasonable cost.  As a licensed clinician, you can provide supervision remotely, and save time and travel expenses, increase your caseload and provide customized parent trainings.  You will also benefit from a professional directory where you can provide access to new clients, or request subject matter expertise for case consultations from other working professionals within our network.


High Definition Camera with auto-tracking, two-way audio and night vision. Includes portable case, magnetic mount and camera stand with detachable swivel mount head pro maximum flexibility.

Local Network

Our IT department will design a local network, or assist your IT department for configuration and ongoing support.

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