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Step by step tutorial on how to navigate through videos and view the live feed of your camera on the Telecubes web app platform.

STEP 1 Telecubes Home. 

Select the service location where the student is enrolled in and click their name.

STEP 2 Videos.

Click on the video icon located at the upper right.

STEP 3 Live Monitoring. 

Click on the LIVE button and when the player appears click on the grey area or the play button to view live video transmission of the student.

STEP 4 Multi-viewer.

Click on Multi-Viewer and when the player appears click on the grey area for quick load or the play button. The camera needs to be recording to show in the multi-viewer. 

STEP 5 Reload & repeat.

Go back to the site, reload the page and repeat STEPS 1-3.  You should be able to see the live feed now that Flash is enabled. 

The Telecubes Technical Support team is here to help!

If you experience any technical difficulties you can contact us via email at and we will help you as soon as possible. 

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