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Your child's behavior can be viewed and analyzed by a specialist in your own home.​


Easy Set Up

Our Team will work closely with you for easy set up and effortless implementation.


Use any android smartphone or webcam to stream to our platform. 


Local Network

Our IT Department will configure your network needs and provide ongoing support.


Home ABA services are an essential part of your child's treatment plan, and this includes parent trainings in the home environment. With Telecubes, a BCBA is able to provide adequate supervision to technicians providing services to your child at home. You can also choose your behavior specialist without geographic limitations. A specialist can view and analyze your child's behavior at home to develop, implement and monitor a behavior intervention plan that is appropriate for your child. We will soon offer an International Directory of Professionals by specialization ranked and rated by parents like you. To learn more, please contact us or sign up to keep you informed of all new features coming soon. ​


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