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Step by step tutorial on how to create discussions with the professional or staff team on the Telecubes web app platform.

STEP 1 Telecubes Home. 

Select the service location where the student is enrolled in and click their name.

STEP 2 Videos.

Click on the video icon located at the upper right.

STEP 3 Watch Recording.

Click on the video you would like to see.

STEP 4 Pause.

Click on the video to pause where you would like to add a comment and begin a discussion.

STEP 5 Begin Discussion.

Click on the message icon on the upper right corner. If you would like to direct the message to a specific staff member or professional, click on @Team to tag them and send them an email notification. Click on Timestamp to mark that specific moment on the video and press send.

STEP 6 View Discussion.

Comments will be displayed by author with the date of when the post was created. *NOTE: Anyone of the staff team or professional can read and reply your comment to continue the discussion.

The Telecubes Technical Support team is here to help!

If you experience any technical difficulties you can contact us via email at and we will help you as soon as possible.