create recording

Step by step tutorial on how to create and stop recordings on the Telecubes web app platform.

STEP 1 Telecubes Home. 

Select the service location where the student is enrolled in and click their name.

STEP 2 Recording.

Click on the "Recorder" icon                 located at the left.

STEP 3 Create Recorder.

Click on "Create Recorder" once the staff is ready to start the session.

STEP 4 Stop Recorder.

Click "Stop Recorder" once the session is over.

STEP 5 Camera Status.

Waiting for stream. Camera is off or not connected to the wifi.

No active recorders found. The camera is not recording and you must click on "Create Recorder" in order to begin.

Waiting for stream. Camera is recording and ready to Tag and collect data.

*To refresh the video recording status click on "Reload Status".

The Telecubes Technical Support team is here to help!

If you experience any technical difficulties you can contact us via email at and we will help you as soon as possible.