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Step by step tutorial on how to tag the different behaviors of the child while in a live session on the Telecubes web app. 

STEP 1 Telecubes Home. 

Select the service location and the child's name you will be working with.

STEP 2 Collect.

Click on collect icon for Behavior  and Replacement Skills data collection.

STEP 3 Set Up Recording.

An ERROR display will appear. Click on                       button followed by

Once the camera status changed to "Recording in Progress" doeble click on "Reload Status" or go back to the Home page by clicking on the Telecubes logo.

STEP 4 Telecubes Home.

Select the service location and the child's name you will be working with again and go to the Behavior Tagging Room.  

STEP 5 Remote View.

Select on the                    button at the upper right to see a live feed of the the child.

STEP 6 Frequency and duration.

Beneath every behavior you will see two buttons. The button on the left is the frequency of the shown behavior. 

Click on this button every time the child shows the behavior followed by the button on the right, the duration. Click again the duration button once the behavior stopped. 

STEP 7 Recorder Controls.

When you are done with the session, click on the                       button followed by the                     to stop recording remotely.  

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