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Step by step tutorial for video on demand (VOD) supervision and its multiple features like frequency and duration or behaviors, discussions on tagged behaviors, ABC Sheets and more. 

STEP 1 Telecubes Home. 

Select the service location where the student is enrolled in and click their name.

STEP 2 Videos.

Doble Click on the video icon (      ) icon located at the upper right.

STEP 3 Select Video.

Click on the video you would like to see.

STEP 4 Comment 

Click on the comment icon (      ) on the upper right. 

STEP 5 Frequency.

  • The number next to the behavior represents the total behaviors tagged and recorded during the session.

  • Click on each behavior tag button to see the exact time of when it occurred.

  • Click on the time next to the behavior to go to the exact moment on the video of when that behavior occurred. 


STEP 6 Duration.

  • The first box next to the behavior represents the duration of that given behavior. 

  • The box next to the duration represents the time the behavior began.

  • Click on the behavior for the video reference of that exact moment. 


STEP 7 ABC Sheet.

  • To create an ABC Sheet click on the desired behavior and select Create ABC.

  • Select the antecedent, consequence and intensity from the scroll down menu and add a comment at the end. 

  • Once each item is filled, click Save

STEP 8 Review ABC Sheet.

  • Click on the behavior and select View Sheet

  • Review the ABC Sheet.

  • When finished, click on the back arrow to exit.  

  • Click on the behavior. *If an ABC Sheet has been made for that behavior it will appear right next to it, like this.

STEP 9 Comment.

  • Click on                 to see or add a comment. 

  • Click on                 to see where the comment was done.

  • Click on REPLY to answer the person that wrote.

  • Click on                 to tag a teammate.

  • Write a comment.

  • Click on                     to add a time code reference to your comment.

  • Click SEND

  • Click on              to go back to behaviors


STEP 10 Email Notificaiton

  • Once tag you will receive and email letting you know the video ID INEW-XXXX-XXXX , the student, team tag and comment. 

  • To reply comment go to Telecubes app. DO NOT REPLY in email.

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